Fondation Banque de France

Money, Banking and Financial Economics

30 novembre 2016

Subvention pouvant aller jusqu'à 120 000 euros et visant à financer des projets de recherche en SHS de 12 à 18 mois.
The Banque de France Foundation for Economic Research is pleased to announce its new call for proposals of research projects. The objective is to solicit academic research projects conducive to topical papers in the field of Money, Finance and Banking. The total amount earmarked for the call can go up to EUR 120 000, allocated in at most four grants. The amount of the research grants will be related to the instalment plan

Proposals may take twelve to eighteen months. Outcome of the project should include at least one paper suitable for submission to a major journal. Laureates commit to present their work at a seminar at the Banque de France in the two years following the award and/or at a conference organised by the latter, and to acknowledge the Banque de France Foundation’s financial support at any subsequent publication of their research. In addition, the head of the research team or, upon approval by the Foundation, any other member of the research team (if the former or the latter is not affiliated to a French University) should commit to visit the Banque de France or any  other Research Center (University, administration) located in France, for a minimum of one week, during the research period or on the occasion of the above seminar or conference presentation.

Topics of interest include — but are not limited to — theoretical or empirical relevant work on Money, Finance and Banking such as:

- Monetary Policy & Prices: Monetary Policy Strategy under uncertainty; integration of financial variables; micro data and nominal rigidities ; interaction with fiscal policies ; exchange rate policies; unconventional monetary policies and exiting

- Potential Growth: productivity, rigidities, structural reforms

- Financial Stability: competition, liquidity, pro-cyclicality; macro-prudential regulation; risk assessment (systemic; individual  institutions); financial crisis and resolution; financial regulation

- International Macro: global imbalances; international coordination; globalisation and growth, globalisation

- Financial institutions and financial markets: risk assessment; investment banking; corporate finance; capital structures, financial innovation

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