Fondation Franco-Chinoise pour la Science et ses Applications

Bourse de mobilité pour postdocs chinois

28 février 2017

Financement d'une mobilité en France pour des postdocs chinois de 18 à 24 mois avec versement d'une allocation mensuelle de 2500€.
FFCSA’s Fellowships are awarded for 18 months or 24 months. They are exclusively aimed at candidates living in mainland China who wish to come to France. Chinese scholarship holders currently in France who are seeking to extend their stay are not eligible to apply.

Fellowships offered are aimed exclusively at post-doctoral scholars, who have obtained their Ph.D. before the end of February 2017 exceptionally June 2017 and within the last 6 years and are under 40 years of age. A fluent knowledge of English is a pre-requisite for admission.

Puce gregSelection of candidates is a three-stage process:

1) call of offers, and short-listing of candidates in China, under the guidance of China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) .

2) interviews in China, in Beijing and Shanghai, by an FFCSA expert panel from France (candidates’ travel costs to the interview locations are at the candidates’ expense).

3) Final decision in France by the FFCSA’s Scientific Council on the candidates selected and on their host laboratories in France, with the confirmation of CSC and the CAS.

Puce gregThe timetable for the second call of offers promotion 2016 award is as follows:

- November 15th, 2016: Call of proposal publication in French, English and Chinese of the Fellowships offered for promotion 2016.

- End of February 2017: deadline for applications in China and in France.

- From March 7th till March  14th ,2017: interviews of short-listed candidates in Beijing or Shanghai by examinators send by the FFCSA; ranking of candidates for each fellowship offered.

- Mid April 2017: final decision on candidates selected by the FFCSA’s Scientific Council, with the confirmation of CSC and the CAS; candidates selected will be immediately informed and will be required to start learning French before leaving China (stage in charge of the CSC).

- May-June , 2017: One month French language and Culture initiation in China.

- September , 2017 arrival in France of candidates selected.

The international plane fare from China to France and return is taken in charge by the CSC. The travel cost to provincial France when necessary will be covered by the FFCSA. The total amount of the fellowship is € 2 500 net per month. The cost of health insurance is covered by the FFCSA. Whichever the date corresponding at research work during the fellowship, publications should mention imperatively the help of the FFCSA and CSC.

During his/her stay in France, each scholar will be counselled by the FFCSA whose task is to ensure the harmonious integration of the scholar and the smooth development of his/her research programme. The scholar’s return to China is mandatory. FFCSA had created an Alumni Club in January 2005. For the class 2017, 18 months or 24 months, arriving in France from July 2017 ,12 fellowships offered are in the following subjects in the laboratories selected by the FFCSA:

- Systems biology and marker discovery in renal cell carcinoma

- In vivo deciphering of cellular and molecular networks in type 2 immunity and elucidation of their pathogenic roles in inflammatory diseases

- A causal relationship between tumor cells and platelets: The role of platelet integrins β1 in metastatic dissemination?

- Determining the cellular mechanisms participating to release of MK fragments in the blood sinuses

- Hierarchical zeolites for energy and emerging applications

- Biotechnology, Cellular Therapy and mesenchymatous stem cells

- Synthesis of potential biological active compounds for therapeutic as well as molecular imaging applications

- Validation of videogames in neurological diseases

- Modelisation of multimodal parameters for the pronostic evaluation after brain lesions

- Infra red laser methodology and development

- The roles of the death receptors in cancer biology, with the focus on the Fas/CD95 signalling in the control of life and death of cells in relation to cancer therapies

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