UK Ministry of Justice

Solutions technologiques aux problèmes de contrebande posés en prison

25 octobre 2017

Financement de 50K£ pour un projet de 4 à 6 mois réalisé au UK, porté par une PME ou ETI européenne et pouvant être collaboratif (avec des laboratoires académiques). Ce projet visera à développer de nouvelles techniques de détection pour identifier les objets de contrebande et répondre aux défis liés à la présence de drones, drogues et téléphones mobiles en milieu carcéral.
The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) will invest up to £950,000 in Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) innovation projects to address the challenges caused by the presence of drugs, drones and mobile phones in prison environments. The aim of this competition is to develop novel detection techniques to identify these and other contraband items. This competition will have 2 phases. In phase one you should explain your new concepts and how they will be proved. If you are successful you will be invited to apply for phase 2 and develop a working prototype. Phase one projects can have total costs of up to £50,000 and must last between 4 and 6 months.To lead a project you must: be an EU-based organisation ; carry out your project in the UK ;  be prepared to take appropriate security measures. And you can: be an organisation of any size ; work alone or in collaboration with others (including businesses, research base and third sector). In this competition the Ministry of Justice will not fund projects covering: market research ; management consultancy ; paper-based studies or literature reviews ; solutions that don’t offer significant benefits to prison security ; solutions that offer only incremental improvements.

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